Sept. 18 - Private Party

Oct. 8 - JR's OPC @ 7pm
Oct. 9 - OriginUTC @ 6pm

Oct 28 - Sarasota Grill and Pizzeia @ 5:30pm

Where are we?

That question is asked every week and we greatly appreciate the warm support!

We've tailored things back a tiny bit, playing out 4 or 5 times per month as we explore and introduce new songs and new sounds.  We're collaborating with many great musicians and enjoying restructuring a lot of songs in our current line-up - which exceeds over 200 songs.  

Our goal is and always has been to bring you the love through music, having a great time with familiar faces and building new friendships along the way.  We love the venues that support us and the type of music entertainment we bring and are seeking to expand our presence throughout SWFL.  If you've got a recommendation or an invite to a new venue, shoot it on over and we'll do our best to bring our brand out.  

Come on out and see us at one of our up-coming shows!  We're inviting surprise guests to sit in and share their talents in our acoustic live sets.  And if it's the big band sound you want, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or here at our website where we'll announce shows with "FULL BAND LINEUP".   And as always, be on the lookout for a special appearence by Gracie Maple!

Let's keep live music alive in F-L-A!!

Gracie Maple and the White Crowe Band are the essence of really great live music.  These seasoned musicians craft music as it is meant to be played - from the heart and soul.  There is never a background track, stems or drum machine, only solid tones, tempos and melodies of the very best songs spanning the most current hits to the most popular of years past.  The core of the band started with Ron White and BKCrowe one evening as they were hanging out at a party near a back yard pool on Florida's beautiful west coast.  Good times with great friends.  From there they decided to forge a band to celebrate all the really great music that inspires real joy and a sense of chill.  

Gracie Maple and the White Crowe Band are the perfect pairing to the perfect evening in Florida and across the US.  

Book them today or come out and see them at their next gig be it a local brewery, restaurant or house party.  

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