Gracie Maple and the White Crowe Band are the essence of really great live music.  These seasoned musicians craft music as it is meant to be played - from the heart and soul of each musician.  There is never a background track, stems or drum machine, only solid tones, tempos and melodies of songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's to todays top songs.  The core of the band started with Ron White and BKCrowe one evening as they were hanging out at a party near a back yard pool in a lanai on Florida's beautiful west coast.  Good times with great friends.  Many gatherings later and these two decided to forge a band to celebrate all the really great acoustic music that inspires real joy and a sense of chill.  

Gracie Maple and the White Crowe Band are the perfect pairing to the perfect evening in Florida.  Book them today or come out and see them at their next gig be it a local restaurant or house party.

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