Summer 2022

It happened!  Summer is officially here - at least on the Florida Coast!  Summer is a lotta fun for us in TWCB to play at some of our favorite venues as we are tuning up our brand of live music.  As you are reading this news drop we are in the midst of regular weekly full band rehearsals dialing in some really great new songs to TWCB from some very popular artists.  Ron and BK recently saw Keith Urban at his first show in over 2 years and walked away with LOT of inspiration!  Artists like Kane Brown, Morgan Wallen, Ed Sheeran, Lady A and a bunch of other great music artists.  We're also diving back into some great funk and pop hits from the 80's to round out our live shows!  Expect a change-up!

Leaning into the Fall (I know, right?!?) we're tapping into our Framily, asking you to let us know where you'd like to have us come out and bring the boys!  We're having fun doing all the private functions from pool side gatherings to living room jams to all out backyard mayhem.  We are intentional at our brand of live music and now into our 4th year, are looking at each opportunity with a little more scrutiny to ensure you get 100% of the best of The White Crowe Band.  We're moving out of a mindset of just playing an event or a location for the sake of playing, into a real passion and desire to be present and to grow with the great support of our Framily that encourages us.  We're looking into the Fall for some new venues so throw us or recommendations or contacts!  Thank you, on behalf of The White Crowe Band, for your awesome support and encouragement!  Let's grow this together! 

BK, Ron and Team TWCB