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Q3 2024


Hurricane season is here!  As we are based out of SWFL, the heightened awareness of weather is a constant, particularly considering all the outdoor venues we play.  We seldom get rained out but if we can muscle on through, we will to ensure we bring you the very best country, rock, pop and hits we have in our library.  Jump back to the homepage of this site and note the rain we're pushing through!  Too fun!

As noted, in our calendar page, we're booking out as far as 8 to 9 months now and glad to be a vibrant part of the SWFL live music choices.  We firmly believe in bringing you real, authentic music at every event we play, not tracks or recordings to play by.  We've bumped up our country mix as requests have increased for this genre - and of course, we don't mind a bit as that sits squarely in our wheelhouse.  We're also bringing out some more 90's rock - super fun hits that always evoke energy!  


Of course, we can't say enough thanks to all the faithful friends and framily that follow us to our shows! Y'all are the drive train behind TWCB.  So much fun at every event!  Much love from BK, Ron, James and Cos......

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