April/May 2022

As TWCB is sliding into the summer run (!) we're excited to see the private party opportunities increase, giving the guys the chance to play in more intimate atmospheres and interact with our friends and Framily.  If you've not yet had the opportunity to experience the humor of TWCB, you are really missing out.  Whether a full band or just the BKCrowe/Ron White duo version, these guys are a riot.  As TWCB was forming it was a keystone of playing together - to have fun at what they are doing.  

In addition to the up-tick in private party gigs, there are several new venues in cue in addition to the great venues you can regularly experience.  Be watching the bookings list on the home page of this website for updates as they are balanced against the existing dates.  On the day a new venue is locked in we post it here first.  

We need to acknowledge a very special team for their support - Denise and Matt McGirr.  Denise is a Master Basket Creator designing and constructing
absolutely amazing functional pieces of art.  She, along with her husband Matt, recently custom-designed a 'tip basket' for us, complete with wired in accent lights.  This is a HUGE improvement from our old little pail we would haul to gigs.  We can't thank
them enough for this beautiful piece that proudly accompanies us to each gig.  Be sure and check out her design and their artisan work.  THANK YOU DENISE AND MATT!

Another HUGE shout-out goes to Deb Sommerfeld.  She's the sweetheart of Ron and has quietly been behind the scene in support of the TWCB vision.  You would know of her support particularly at a Full Band Experience gig as she equipped us with a much needed sub cabinet to round out our sound.  This 3K-watt tool lays down a solid low frequency in our mix, covering the kick drum and bass guitar frequencies.  This, combined with our QSC top cabs is like honey to your ears.  Just a beautiful sound.  THANK YOU DEB!!

And finally, perhaps most importantly, we want to thank YOU, our friends and Framily for your kind support of The White Crowe Band as a Duo and as the Full Band Experience.  We've up on 5 years of TWCB fun and count it a real blessing that you are a part of who we are.  Your support and encouragement motivates us to keep this party going!  

Can't wait to see you a the next show!