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Q2 2023

With Q1 behind us and the road ahead, we're supercharged to see everyone out, having their best years ever here on the SWFL coast! We've tweaked our show schedule a bit to be able to lean into each show with more intensity. How's that work? Well, we're more selective about our show scheduling, the venues we're playing, and even more so, the songs we're bringing to each show.  We're writing and introducing more originals while bringing the very best of our repertoire and adding solid, fun tunes that keep the party going.  


The White Crowe Band is also investing in the tools of our trade ensuring we maintain our premium sound for each show. Crafting the perfect sound has been a bedrock of The White Crowe Band and we take that seriously knowing that every show is an opportunity to connect with our 'framily' and make new friends to journey with.  

So, what's ahead? We're tailoring our schedule to balancing public venues such as restaurants, bars, festivals, and special events as well as managing our private shows at community centers, and membership venues such as poolside deck parties, and intimate house parties.  The White Crowe Band originates as an acoustic guitar/vocal duo of founding members Ron White and BKCrowe.  The White Crowe Band Full Band Experience features the additional talents of James Cotton on bass and Chris (Cosmo) Dallenbach on drums.  The addition of 2 members expands our show, bringing a fuller sound.  Generally, the Full Band Experience is used at bigger venues however we've brought this machine to many living rooms and poolsides!

We would like to express our sincerest thanks and appreciation for all the support of our 'framily' over these past 5+ years as The White Crowe Band.  We are deeply grateful to have such a solid core of friends that inspire us to bring our very best and challenge us to play more material at more venues.  It is so much fun to have someone throw us a music challenge at our acoustic duo shows.  

Our request to you is simple.  Help us get the word out about our shows.  Invite your friends out for a fun evening or better yet, let's figure out a way to bring the show to your home, your company party, or your neighborhood. 

Here's to you, our Team The White Crowe Band!


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