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giving back

All of us in Team TWCB have a real heart for helping others. It's in our DNA. We've been very blessed with opportunities to support organizations, charities and even individuals through rallying our support to providing live entertainment to direct donations from the band. We want to

make clear, this is not a post to boast at all but a call for others to join us in responding to the cause, whatever that cause may ultimately be. It's what makes the fabric of the American spirit.

We are excited to participate in a fundraiser on April 9th for The Haven Academy, a program within The Haven ( Nestled on 32-acres in the heart of Sarasota, The Haven offers programs and services for adults and children with disabilities to enhance quality of life by encouraging independence, championing inclusion and advocating for their individual rights. Together, we can create a world where people with disabilities are included and celebrated for who they truly are — talented and incredible human beings.

On April 9th The Haven Academy plays host to a Shamrock Shuffle, an event to raise funds for sensory playground equipment. The event runs from 10am - 1pm and costs $15 at the door. Team TWCB will be providing a FULL BAND EXPERIENCE in addition to running a silent auction, all to benefit this fundraiser.

Thank you for your support of those opportunities that we support! From Toys for Tots each year to fundraisers for friends who suffer from health issues to The Haven Academy Shamrock Shuffle and everything in between, we are grateful to journey with you as we give back.

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