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In the pocket

Over the last several weeks, I've noticed a few observations while playing during our shows. For those that have shared the stage with me, you know how easy it is for me to multitask. We'll be playing a groove and if I'm not on the mic singing, I like to chat it up with the players. No, not all players can do this, I've discovered. In fact, it's kind of rare to find someone who can separate from the music they are playing to just chat it up about, well, anything. I find it lightens things up which inevitably leads to laughter and joy. Hopefully, this is what's emanating from us when we play. But, back to the few observations. I've noticed that post-COVID chaos I'm (we're) seeing people loosening up a bit. In fact, there is a LOT of laughter and joy in the shared space. We have ALL yearned to be back in touch with each other and the ability to just get out and enjoy a meal, maybe a brew or two, and listen to live music is a great antidote to what we've experienced. Another observation I've had while sharing music is there seems to be a real appreciation for the work we put into bringing you our flavor of music. So many kind words of encouragement to both Ron and myself and when we have the full band experience rolling, it is shared with all the players. We might have had this prior to COVID but for some, not surprising, reason I feel like it is so much more impactful to me personally. It's like we're really playing in the pocket so much more these days. My hope is that we will continue to bring that 'in the pocket' groove to you and that we can both share just what we mean to each other in that moment. Peace!

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