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To say this year has been nuts is an understatement. Unprecedented. And hopefully, never repeated....or at least parts of this year

In March we were playing down at JR's OPC on a Friday night when the bottom fell out of the music industry. We had a packed house and there were a lot of musicians in attendance, friends who had gigs the next night. Like a scene out of Westwing, phones started lighting up and one by one, gigs were getting cancelled out of fear of crowds gathering. We felt terrible about this for all of our friends. As it would turn out, even we lost a few gigs as everything shut down but the shift in how we did things created a spark in many of us. We saw this as a window to try things different. And so we invested.

TWCB took the few weeks we had down to upgrade our gear, introduce a bunch of new material, delve into a new marketing strategy that included a couple of live streams from our homes and vowed to keep live music alive in any way, shape or form. And in short succession we watched our bookings almost double monthly. We hedged a bet that people would want to return back to some normalcy and we won! With the flexibility of performing as an acoustic duo or adding musicians to fill out a full band, TWCB created a new chapter in our existence and we strongly believe the best is yet to come.

Instead of laying down and waiting for the future to arrive, we're chasing it! And thanks to our great friends we affectionately call "Framily", (Thanks you Carol for that word) we'll be sharing dates well into 2021! If you are wanting to book us for your special event, give us a shout and let's see if we can coordinate our calendars! We're excited to grow our Framily!

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