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love shower

We've been so blessed to have numerous bookings throughout this pandemic. In fact, as stated in a previous blog, we're amazed that our bookings have more than doubled monthly! We take no opportunity for granted. And this week, while putting together our set lists for the various shows this weekend I was rifling through some songs of depth and integrity that truly speak to my soul.

One of my favorite song writers/vocalists is James Taylor. This week, in honor of his incredible songwriting ability we're adding to our sets "Shower The People".

Just shower the people you love with love, show them the way you feel, things are gonna work out fine if you only will.

Our society is seemingly rampant with hatred lately. People hating on people. This is nuts. And it is tremendously hard for a heart like mine wanting to love with agape love. I hope, we hope this little number added to our sets will give you a lift, a bit of encouragement as you plod through your day, through your week, through your life. Love. It's what we all need.

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