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Making it, it

So we're rounding our way to the end of 2020 and although we aren't technically at the end of the year, there have been some trends in media of pointing towards 2021. It seems everyone is looking towards our future, quick to leave 2020 in our rear-view mirror and justly so. To eloquently quote myself, "These are weird times".

These road markers in our lives are defining for us all. Whether we agree or disagree, we're still bound to how they impacted our lives, some directly and most indirectly. And to that latter, it appears that we've all allowed the din to permeate our lives to some degree. Here's where 'making it, it' comes into play. Hold onto the tangibles in your life.

Team TWCB has been in a unique position throughout 2020. While the noise surrounding our lives has been exceptionally loud at times, we've tried to project a sense of calm, a continuity of music reflecting the joy of song that is a part of everyone's DNA. We've not shy-ed away from opportunities to put a smile on someone's face through live music knowing how music truly heals the soul. We've been intentional to share what we've been gifted with wherever invitation has extended itself. We've even created events to ensure we're connected in some form or fashion, observing recommended social distancing and safe protocols wherever and whenever. Team TWCB has remained faithful to making it, it.

So what is 'it'? 'It' is that source of strength, that element in your life that brings you home to your port. It's that lighthouse in the storm that guides you and directs you towards the safety of who you are, not letting the swirling chaos around you overwhelm or take charge of your life. It's discovering what centers your life and nurturing it, despite any defining social norms. Making it, it can be retooling yourself for a bright future and upon reaching your goals, brings an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and joy for your accomplishments. And in 2021, Team TWCB aspires to make constant the joy of live music wherever and whenever it is sought. And hopefully, we'll discover the commonality of our 'it'. :-) Here's to the road ahead.

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