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old trucks

If you browse through some of the images on our Images page you might catch one picture that features a common theme about us. We both drive older trucks. In this world of fads and popularity votes we kind-a like the fact that we're both grounded in what's tangible. It's part of what makes The White Crowe Band. Sure, we'd love to have newer rides with all the extras, probably more so for the assurances we'll be able to get to our gigs but there something quite sensible about having a vehicle you aren't afraid to get dirty, and perhaps even more so, one that is paid off.

Driving older trucks also speaks to our transparency. We are what you see and hear. Just a couple of guys, making music the way we like to make music. Not a lot of extra bells and whistles, no drum tracks, stems or extras to cloud the essence of our sound. And we hope you enjoy us as much as we enjoy you.

Here's to old trucks.

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