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swfl roots

How similar our backgrounds are. I grew up in a house where there was much music. Everything from Sinatra to Country, to Beatles & Beach Boys. My older sister had a collection of 45's mostly early Rock & Roll. My parents and Aunts and uncles sang and played music in church.

I have pictures of myself with a guitar that is bigger than me. I wound the classical guitar with strings way too high, and I remember saving my money to buy an electric guitar at the five & dime for $22!! It played well enough for me to learn how to play all my chords. I think I was in 5th grade. My Uncle Ben loaned me his Gibson 335 and amp when I was a teenager. I will always be grateful to him for all the encouragement.

One of my school friends (Richard Davis) and I both bought acoustic guitars the same weekend, they were almost identical and I still have mine. Bought it in '71 or '72. I still sounds good although I have had many guitars since then! We started a duo and learned some tunes, thought we sere going to be stars!! Somehow, life seemed to get in the way and my music career took a back seat to family life.

Years later I decided to pick it up again and spent a few years just playing with friends. Started a casual band with them an played a few gigs. I started going to go to jam sessions and at one point I hosted an acoustic jam at Flying Dog for several years. Honestly, hosting made me develop my playing skills to accommodate many playing styles.

I played in several local bands before I was introduced to Mr. Crowe. It has always been easy to play with him, and I think a lot is our similar upbringing and interest. I also enjoy kayaking & fishing and camping with family and my sweetheart. Debbie has always been very supportive of my music. Thank you Baby!! We love to go out in the local music scene and music festivals, hopefully they will return soon.

Looking forward to many years of making music as The White Crowe Band!

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